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Company introduction

E-zonda Energy is a manufacturer specializing in EV Charging products. It was founded in 2015 with its headquarter located in Shenzhen and factory in inland of China. With abundant product categories, including main products such as Portable EV Charger, home smart EV wallbox, commercial EV wallbox, DC integrated charging pile, DC split charging pile, DC/AC Adverising Pile etc. We try our best to provide customers with professional and comprehensive charging equipment and the integrated solution of charging operation and construction.

We Designs, develops, manufactures and sells EV charging infrastructure and provides charging salutions with high-value quality for private homes, apartments, workplaces, utilities, charging networks, fleets, car dealerships, etc. Meanwhile, With professional R & D team and experiences on product customization, OEM and ODM services are available for our customers.

As a supplier of ev charging stations, to boost your business and brand growth, our products are supposed to be safe, reliable, affordable and easy to use for everyone so we take quality, safety, stability, price, service and supports to our customers of great importance. We are committed to providing overall product and operation solutions for the application of new energy technology and energy-saving and emission-reduction. Welcome contact from customers all over the world.